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5G and the
digital future

The digital future offers both promise and challenges. The benefits presented by 5G, including automation, edge computing, multi-cloud environments and AI capabilities, offer the vision of a smarter, more equitable world. But this must be balanced against cyber threats—one of the biggest risks faced by global decision makers. Achieving the former, while countering the latter, requires every stakeholder coming together in an open and transparent manner to create a better future for all.

Sustainability: The business imperative

The sustainability crisis is evident all around us, from the dire state of the climate and natural world to the ongoing battle to provide a safe, secure life for all people. As the backbone of all modern economies, the business community is essential to reducing carbon emissions and achieving a more sustainable world.


ZTE: Ultimate Network

The telecoms industry finds itself in a challenging era, with stagnating revenues and suffering a heavy blow from the pandemic. At the same time, operators need to invest heavily in their network infrastructure to meet the rising demand from consumers and enterprises.


ZTE: Private Network

The technological advances of 5G have increased the speed of mobile and number of permissible connections, as well as improved network latency, capacity, and reliability. These advances have benefited business across the spectrum, from broadcasters to automotive, miners to manufacturers, to offer richer customer experience, improved productivity, lower waste and higher product quality.


ZTE: The digital enabler

Businesses, from media and financial services to manufacturing and healthcare, are under pressure to digitalise. There is a financial imperative to both take advantage of the opportunities presented by digital innovation, such as artificial intelligence, edge cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT), and to fend off competitive threats, as the boundaries between sectors blurs.


How 5G secures a digital future

Addressing the speed and scale of digital change is one of the most pressing issues for global decision makers. 5G offers a more secure, more connected future, but this requires all stakeholders to work together to build a transparent, open and equitable environment.


Connect the unconnected

The transformative capability of 5G is no longer mere speculation. Today, there are already concrete examples of the “fourth industrial revolution” that is taking place, as new connective technology is enabling every industry it touches to work with greater efficiency and flexibility.


5G for Social Good

The 5G transformation will have a profound impact on our society and our lives as individuals, helping us stay safe, learn more, and care for our planet. But this transformation requires much more than new technology. It requires us to work together.


5G development stimulates a chain of new values

Across the world, we are now fully aware of the urgency and benefits of accelerating the transformation from an industrial economy to a digital economy.